Set in September the Label Incorporated

Set in September the Label, is a not-for-profit and charity organisation established to raise awareness and much needed funding for Bowel Cancel Australia. This organisation has been established in honour of Afroz Awan, who at the age of 33 was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. Three months, and two weeks following on from her diagnosis, Afroz at the age of 34 returned to meet her creator, leaving a big void in our hearts and the most gorgeous ten month old baby boy. As we grieve her death every single day, we wish to carry on Afroz's legacy through this organisation, so that every Australian has an opportunity to receive an early diagnosis, access to care, and hope for a cure. 

In honour of Afroz

"Afroz" means to illuminate, and one that brightens. We hope that this organisation illuminates and brightens lives of those affected with bowel cancer.

About us