In November 2022 a sum of $90,122.00 was raised by SIS The Label, through the support, and generosity of many who felt compelled to contribute to the fight against young onset bowel cancer.

We feel so extremely passionate about this cause as our Afroz was only 33 years of age, when she was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. With no family history, being extremely health conscious and and a regular CrossFit attendee, her diagnosis just did not make any sense. We didn’t understand. And we still cannot comprehend.

These funds were donated to Bowel Cancer Australia, to support vital research into young onset bowel cancer. The urgency of this cause cannot be overstated, as an increasing number of young people are being diagnosed with bowel cancer without clear explanations as to why. This situation calls for immediate action and concerted efforts to find answers that could potentially improve survival rates, and even lead to a cure.

We extend our deepest gratitude to those who contributed to this cause. Together, we can make a difference and improve the lives of those affected by this disease.